Reviews and Press Releases

"In my capacity as an art critic and curator I have known Rhea Carmi and her work for over a decade, and have admired it throughout this time, writing about it frequently and including it in at least two exhibitions to date. Her vision is distinctive and her articulation of a difficult (if visually attractive) formal language is particularly impressive." February 14, 2012, Peter Frank, Associate Editor, Fabrik Magazine

"Rhea Carmi is one of the most dedicated artists I have ever met. She continuously creates art that has depth and meaning and speaks to global issues. Her art - paintings, collages, and sculptures - have an enormous soul that everyone, even the least art-sophisticated are effected by. I highly endorse Rhea Carmi." February 13, 2012, Roberta Carasso, Art Writer, art consultant, Carasso Consulting

California Contemporary Art Magazine September/October 2010

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